Integrated Internet Marketing

Internet - part of our lives, we did not notice, he became not only a place of communication, but also a place of business. Those firms that responded to the time the change has already reaped the fruits of his success and became world famous.

But to start selling on the internet, you need to properly build a strategy for marketing promotion. You're not trying to sell one to whom it is not necessary, you offer exactly what the buyer wants, at the right time in the right place.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

This set of measures to improve the position of the site in search results Google, Yandex on specific needs of the target users.

Content Management

Content management - a complex of measures aimed at content management: copywriting, rewriting, administration, as well as internal optimization.

Advanced Web Analytics

Web analytics - is the measurement, collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of information about web site visitors with a view to their improvement and optimization.

Social Networks

Demonstration of advertisements on user pages and social networking applications in accordance with the selected targeting.

Email Marketing

E-mail - one of the oldest channels of internet marketing. For more than a decade and marketers use it to drive traffic and customers.

Context Advertisement

Contextual advertising - advertising ads that appear in response to a specific request by a search engine.

the choice of strategy

First, we analyze the resource, as well as select appropriate keywords, based on the specifics of your business. Our team of technical experts will perform site optimization at the highest level.

Website promotion in search engines today is a mandatory step for achieving business goals and improve profitability of the resource.

Tune in to the result

A varied and rich experience in consulting with a broad range of asset provides a broad (specialist) participated in the formation of the positions taken by parties in respect of the tasks.

Everyday experience shows that the further development of different forms of activity is an interesting experiment testing areas of progressive development.